New Chevy Silverado EV for Sale in Muskegon

The new Chevy Silverado EV is Chevrolet's first-ever all-electric pickup truck. This vehicle is built to offer quick acceleration and a smooth ride on all terrains. Equipped with a standard all-wheel drive (AWD) and a four-wheel steering system, this vehicle is a treasure to all drivers near Grand Haven.

For the 2024 model, the new Chevy Silverado comes in various trim levels, including the following three.

  • Work Truck (WT)
  • Trail Boss
  • RST


The new Chevy Silverado comes equipped with two electric motors. The base WT trim can deliver up to 510 horsepower while the top RST trim delivers a minimum of 664 horsepower and a maximum of 754 horsepower, 785 pound-feet of torque with Wide Open Watts (WOW) Mode.

The new Chevy Silverado has GM-estimated up to 400 miles of all-electric range on a full charge. It comes equipped with DC fast charging capability, and according to Chevrolet, a public DC charging station can extend the battery's range by 100 miles in only 10 minutes.

The Silverado EV boasts a state-of-the-art E-4WD system that can quickly distribute torque to all four wheels and options for Four-Wheel Steer and a Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension. This combination of advanced technology and over 100 years of truck manufacturing expertise results in a vehicle that lives up to its iconic reputation.

Exterior and Interior Features

The new Chevy Silverado EV has an aerodynamic design with all-terrain tires, 18 to 24-inch wheels, adaptive air suspension, under-body skid plates, and more.

The new Chevy Silverado EV's all-terrain tires and larger wheels improve off-road capabilities and provide better traction and stability on rough or loose surfaces. They can also help improve the vehicle's overall performance and handling and its ability to navigate through deep mud, snow, or other challenging terrains.

This vehicle's interior features two-tone leather upholstery, a panoramic fixed-glass roof, a column-mounted shifter, and more. The column-mounted shifter frees up room between the dashboard and the middle armrest for a large storage bin.

This vehicle's two-tone leather upholstery adds a stylish and refined touch to the interior design. The leather seats are soft and provide a comfortable and luxurious seating experience. In addition, the two-tone color scheme adds a unique and eye-catching element to the interior, making it stand out from other truck interiors.

Safety Features

The Silverado EV is equipped with Chevy Safety Assist as a standard feature, a collection of six innovative safety and driver-assistance technologies. These features aim to give you an extra sense of security every time you drive from Muskegon to Holland, MI.

This vehicle features standard Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Front Pedestrian Braking, Forward Collision Alert (FCA), High Beam Assist, Following Distance Indicator, and Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning (LDW).

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is a safety feature that helps prevent or reduce the severity of a collision by automatically applying the brakes if it detects an imminent crash. The AEB works with other driver assistance features to enhance the vehicle's overall safety further.

High Beam Assist is a feature that automatically switches between high and low beams when it detects oncoming traffic. This helps improve the driver's visibility and reduce glare for other drivers on the road as you ride around Grand Rapids.

Technology Features

Technology features on the new Chevy Silverado EV include Google built-in technology, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, SiriusXM satellite radio, and more.

The Google built-in allows for access to Google Assistant and other Google services through the truck's infotainment system. This allows for hands-free control of music, navigation, and other features using voice commands and access to information such as traffic and weather updates.

Test drive the new Chevy Silverado EV at Betten Baker Chevrolet Cadillac GMC Muskegon near Grand Haven. We will let you explore the available trim levels and select one that will serve you best.

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